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Mentorship with Musician Emily Potter

Lightworker Musicians are overcoming fears so that they can take leaps of faith and live their soul’s purpose.
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Is This You?

You're in a job that feels like a prison * You feel trapped by the unending cycle of bills in the matrix * You're feeling scared of getting too old to live your musical dream * You're feeling lonely and unseen as an undercover lightworker * You're unfulfilled not living your musical purpose * You're ignoring the nudges of the Universe to live your musical calling now * You're scared you can't be both a professional musician and raise a family * You don't know how to reach your ideal audience * You lack the discipline and structure to create real momentum * You're afraid you're not "good enough" as a musician

Create Your Performance as a Ceremony

Learn how to create your musical performance into a uniquely connective ceremony. Based on Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", you will learn how to deeply heal your audiences at their core level

Clarify Your Message to Humanity

Emily Potter's mentorship assists you to clarify your music's message to humanity, develop yourself as a confident professional, and create a dynamic presence that is aligned with your unique mission. 

Reach New Audiences

Learn how to reach new vibrationally-matched audiences across the globe. Give a voice to your soul’s message with competent precision and consistency.

My Story

On April 17, 2015 I quit my day job because I had to know if I could truly trust the inner voice inside me leading me to become a full time musician. That voice led me to perform in 14 countries in North America, Asia, and across Europe. You can TRUST THE VOICE!  I am passionate about supporting other musicians like me to pursue their soul's purpose! It is my joy to offer my detailed road map of all my tools and resources. Click on the photo for more of my story!

Emily Potter's online course addresses fears about becoming a "starving artist." 

Lightworker musicians like you are learning how to create a successful music medicine career without money holding them back. Nothing is theory. Everything I offer is based in my personal experiences, starting from the day I quit my day job with only 10 original songs and no fan base! From that day, I created a self-directed world tour for 5 years in 14 countries.  Now I show you how to do the same.

Musician Ko Hara Lan shares his experience receiving mentorship with Emily Potter

Musicians! Click here if money holds you back An Interview with Emily: Your Soul's Purpose is More Powerful Than Your Bills

The tools are powerful enough for you to become a musician full time.

  • Feel like you can breathe without money holding you back! Master 10 fifth dimensional money alchemy tools, and learn how your soul's purpose as a musician is more powerful than your bills
  • Expand into the world consciousness leader you know you are 
  • Share your Music-Medicine with Vibrationally Matched Audiences Worldwide
  • Become your full contribution to humanity with your music



You have the music medicine. Now reach the people.


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