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With Emily Potter

Share your Music-Medicine with Vibrationally Matched Audiences Worldwide

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Create Your Performance as a Ceremony

Learn how to create your musical performance into a uniquely connective ceremony. Based on Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", you will learn how to appeal to your audience at their core level

Clarify Your Message to Humanity

Emily Potter's mentorship assists you to clarify your music's message to humanity, refine your bio and logo, and create a dynamic presence aligned with your mission. 

Reach New Audiences

Learn how to reach new vibrationally-matched audiences across the globe. Give a voice to your soul’s message with professional precision.

This online course was created for Lightworker Musicians to offer their message to humanity without limits.

As a lightworker musician, you will have the tools to create a joyful music medicine career online and when the borders open to travel globally again. The resources I provide are from my personal experiences after quitting my day job and creating a self-directed world tour for 4 years in 14 countries as a musician living within a gift economy model. 

Musician Ko Hara Lan shares his experience receiving mentorship with Emily Potter

Musicians! Free masterclass to raise your vibration around money

The tools in the course equip you to live your soul's purpose as a musician full time.

  • Feel like you can breathe living your calling anchoring light as a musician
  • Feel the love of your global family
  • Challenges and crossroads become exciting
  • Expand into the world leader you know you are
  • Intuition feels like a muscle that you are working out daily on your tour
  • Feel a partnership with your Indwelling intelligence in your service to humanity


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