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By Emily Potter, Writer

Spiritual Biz Magazine


Your Soul's Purpose is More Powerful Than Your Bills

Healing my chronic "starving artist" syndrome

My $10,000 Landslide

I asked the Universe for $10,000. Here's what happened. 

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Vibration High During Unsettling World Events 

When the whole world is topsy-turvy, it doesn’t mean we have to be.

3 Ways Lightworkers Respond to Social Injustice

Empowered lightworkers are embodying a single frequency.

The #1 Shift that Unlocked Me from Judgment

One of my dearest friends stopped talking to me.  Here's why.

3 Reasons I Don’t Try to “Wake You Up”

Don’t I have a responsibility to share if I hold Holy Grail information in my hands that could heal my friend's liver tumor?

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