Your Soul's Purpose is More Powerful Than Your Bills 

5 Shifts to Create Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy in the Next 25 Days

Hosted by Emily Potter, Founder of the Lightworker Musicians Tribe


Empowering Creators

How to get through major financial devastation without breaking a sweat

Awakening Consciousness

How to bridge money and your spiritual calling as a creator

Created for "Starving Artists"

How to be a full-time lightworker musician/artist without the constant worry around money

"It's amazing...

“I entered the 5D Money Alchemy vortex just a week ago but pretty amazing stuff has happened ever since. This course is very dense with high vibrational frequencies.”

-Karola Voll, Artist, Writer, Musician

Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy means...

If you are a "starving artist" who is tired of worrying about money, it may be time to claim yourself as a 5D Money Alchemist.


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