5 Shifts to Create Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy in the Next 25 Days

Hosted by Emily Potter, Founder of the Lightworker Musicians Tribe


Empowering Lightworkers

How to get through major financial devastation as a lightworker without breaking a sweat

Awakening Consciousness

How to bridge money and your calling as a world leader in awakening consciousness

Created Specifically for Musicians

How to be a full-time lightworker musician without the constant worry around money

"It's amazing...

Emily Potter went deep into the gift economy and embraced these 5D concepts that we are going into with this new shift, this new earth, this new world that I look forward to greatly. So far I have gone through the course three times! It is resonating with the person I have always been but just didn’t know. Finally I have the tools, and finally I have something that makes me feel part of [this shift] on this planet!”

-Sunni Leilani "The Justice for the People" Folk Musician

Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy means...

If you are a lightworker who worries about money more than 3 minutes a day, it's time to claim yourself as a 5D Money Alchemist.


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