Your Soul's Purpose is More Powerful Than Your Bills 

5 Shifts to Create Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy in the Next 25 Days

Hosted by Emily Potter, Founder of the Lightworker Musicians Tribe


No More "How do I Pay the Bills?"

How to get through major financial devastation without breaking a sweat

No More "I'm Not Make a Difference"

How to bridge money and your spiritual calling as a creator

No More "Starving Artists"

How to be a full-time lightworker musician/artist without the constant worry around money

Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy means...

No more panicking when you're in your low financial times. No more stressing about money to do your calling. Instead, you're claiming yourself as an empowered 5D Money Alchemist.

About Your Host

Folk medicine musician Emily Potter quit her day job on April 17, 2015 to do an experiment. She felt trapped and needed to know if her soul's purpose was more powerful than her bills.  Since that day,  Emily has performed extensively in 14 countries including North America, Asia, and across Europe.

Emily is a passionate mentor for spiritually-based musicians, empowering her clients to be their full contribution to the whole of humanity without money as a barrier.

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