The Lightworker Musicians Tour 2021

-We're activating lightworker musicians worldwide to do whatever it takes to fulfill our soul's purpose

-We're offering music medicine for humanity one song at a time.

-We're feeling spiritually guided to go on tour even amongst these current world events

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The Crew

Emily Potter

Jason Brown

Betsy Greene Schaefer

Our Message to Humanity

We heal the fear to make bold changes for our audiences to take leaps of faith and live their soul’s purpose.  Our musical voices soothe and heal the heart, mind, and soul of those who yearn to remember the beauty, truth, and celebration of who they really are.

Who We Serve

Lightworkers, Musicians, Hidden Starseeds

We sing for the seeker who has felt trapped in a life situation that no longer serves them.  You are the seeker who has sensed there is "more", but have been doubtful and unsure whether you can fully believe in what you suspect is true about your goodness, your beauty, and your power. 

Through music and storytelling, we empower our audiences to remember who they are so that they may live their life's purpose with joy and celebration.

The 3 Invitations We Give Our Audiences

  1. If you are a musician, join the Lightworker Musicians Tribe
  2. If you are OVER feeling stuck because of money, join our Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy Monthly Membership
  3. If you feel a connection with one of us individually, contact us directly to learn what resources we offer including, but not limited to: music albums, energy sessions, and mentorship. Click on our names above.

The Unity Concert

East Coast Tour

Summer 2021

Become a Host

We are seeking like-minded hosts on the East Coast during summer 2021. Aware of our current world events, we are feeling guided to go forward on tour anyway. In the middle of this isolating situation, we are feeling led to specific hosts who also feel a deep surge of guidance, the same as we are, to collaborate and anchor unity onto the planet. We feel it’s our responsibility to follow the promptings of our calling without waiting for external circumstances to be more convenient.  Thus, we ask our potential hosts this question: if the quarantine situation looks similar in the summer of 2021 to what it looks like now, do you feel excited to move forward with us anyway and create the possibility of hosting a Unity Concert in your town? 

Read Our Host Guidelines

Perform at the Unity Concert

We are selecting activated lightworker musicians to perform at these events in your area.  When we have a musical host who would like to participate, an example schedule of an event is as follows: 

  • 30 Minute Spotlight for our Musical Host
  • 90 Minute Unity Concert Performance
  • 60 Minute Imperfectly Perfect Open Mic*
  • Total Event Time: 3 Hours

*An Imperfectly Perfect Open Mic is a specific activity developed within the Lightworker Musicians Tribe. Contact us for details.

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Support the Tour!

100% of all donations offered at the link below is sacredly reserved for the sole purpose of invigorating, expanding, and improving the Unity Concerts. The Lightworker Musician Tour is a donation-based concert utilizing a gift economy model.  This model is ensured legality under a United States tax code updated in 2020, which allows for annual tax-free gifts of up to $15,000 per person.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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